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81st Academy Awards

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mary todd lincoln in the house

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81st Academy Awards

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mary todd lincoln in the house
No, I did not watch it. I kept my internet browser up and refreshed constantly until I found out all of the winners. So, why did I not watch it?

Because when Brokeback Mountain lost best picture I vowed to never ever watch the awards again.

But, I'm kind of regretting it. No, not for the apparently awesome acceptance speeches made by Sean Penn and Dustin Lance Black. Not because there is buzz about Hugh Jackman's hosting abilities.

No, I am regretting it because apparently there was clip with James Franco and Seth Rogen reviewing the Best Picture nods in a very Pineapple Express kind of way, and I MISSED IT.

So, seriously, if anyone finds that clip, please please please direct me to it.

Also, I still refuse to see Slumdog Millionaire.


  • I dunno, I think Brokeback Mountain was kind of homophobic at its core and it didn't help that it elicited so many homophobic responses. So to see Milk be recognized, which was so not homophobic and was really open and didn't try to hide anything was a relief. Milk was even a part of the romance montage.

    The review by Franco and Rogen was hilarious. especially when they showed a clip from Milk with Franco kissing Penn and Rogen was looking back and forth from Franco to the screen. So funny! I'm sure a clip will pop up soon.

    Why do you refuse to see Slumdog?
    • Well, it was the very first mainstream film with two very well known young actors in gay roles. And Ang Lee made a big deal of their first kiss, well, any kiss they shared in the film. I'm not surprised that homophobia ensued. And it was homophobic at the core. Homophobia is the fear of being gay, not the fear of gays, and these two very rough characters set in an era and area where homosexuality could easily get you lynched without any regret, were absolutely terrified of the feelings they had for each other. But, whether or not the glbt community liked it, Brokeback Mountain was a stepping stone. Without it, I highly doubt Milk would have been represented in such a natural way.

      When Penn and Franco share their first kiss, it was displayed as if it were totally natural. I have to give Van Sant props for that. I think Milk would have been recognized either way, because Harvey Milk was such an enigma and it came out around a time where religion made a decision for homosexual rights, again.

      I found it. OMG. I heart Seth Rogen and James Franco SOOOOOOO much.

      And Slumdog just doesn't have any appeal. I don't know why.
      • Well, I meant homophobic because it was so scared to portray two men in love and having sex and kissing (as there were only about two kissing scenes). I think Ang Lee was really afraid of backlash and the film was then kind of homophobic. I don't think Brokeback was such a huge stepping stone - it wasn't the first film to have two highly popular actors portray gay characters. I would give it credit though for being the first highly mainstream film to have two gay characters in love and at the forefront of the film.

        I think Milk could have been told without Brokeback though. Harvey Milk was a well-known character, it was only a matter of time before they made a film about him.

        I haven't seen Slumdog but I think it's pretty effin amazing that a film about a non-Western country with non-Western actors would win best picture and get such recognition. That seems pretty amazing in such a racist and white-centric award show.
        • No, but it was the first mainstream film with two well known actors portraying gay roles with some legitimacy and pseudo intimacy. Technically the first film with two well know actors playing gay was Death Trap, but that's neither here nor there.

          Milk would have been told without Brokeback. They have been wanting to make a film about Harvey for years. But I think without Brokeback, the love scenes may have suffered. I could see it as going by way of the Rock Hudson biopic.

          I didn't know Slumdog was based in an Eastern country. My lack of desire to see it is extremely superficial. I don't care for the title. And I'm a little bitter Milk lost best picture to it...
          • What is Death Trap? I've never even heard of it!

            Slumdog is based in Mumbai :)
            • How have you never heard of it? It's based on the longest running straight play from Broadway. It was the very first film with an onscreen kiss between two men. And it's starring Christopher Reeves and Michael Caine. Yeh. I said it. Seriously, watch it. It's pretty awesome.
              • yeah I've totally never heard of that. However I would dispute that just because there was a gay kiss doesn't really make it a queer film.
                • I consider a film that represents two men or two women in a physical relationship a queer film.
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