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Dance like it hurts.

iTunes meme

No trolls!

mary todd lincoln in the house

My not-so-secret ambition is to conquer the world and enslave all humans. That, or open a bookshop and find a way to legally marry a fictional character.

iTunes meme

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mary todd lincoln in the house
Ganked from horcrionebay and just because I'm curious:

iTunes meme:

Length of Songs: 44.9 days

Sort by Song Title:
FIRST: "A" You're Adorable - Dean Martin
LAST: 99 Problems - Jay-Z

Sort by Time:
SHORTEST SONG: And That's Gonna Be Track 1 - Kyle Cease (5 seconds)
Actual song: Her Majesty - The Beatles (23 seconds)
LONGEST SONG: Beyond The Sea - Robbie Williams (28:15 but only about 5 minutes of song)
Actual song: 2112 - Rush (20:34)

Sort by Album:
FIRST SONG: Revolution - Jim Sturgess (Across the Universe soundtrack)
LAST SONG: Something for Nothing - Rush (2112 album)

Top 10 Most Played Songs:
01. Brotherly Love Theme Song - Joey Lawrence (1527 times played)
02. Lost In Love - Air Supply (349)
03. Do You Remember? - Phil Collins (283)
04. Sad Eyes - Robert John (283)
05. Push It To The Limit - Corbin Bleu (237)
06. Separate Lives - Phil Collins (236)
07. Against All Odds - Genesis (224)
08. Something Happened on the Way to Heaven - Genesis (214)
09. I'd Really Love to See You Tonight - England Dan & John Ford Coley (206)
10. My Shiny Teeth and Me - Chip Skylark (205)

First 10 Songs that Come up On Shuffle:
01. The Twilight Zone - Rush
02. All Out of Love - Air Supply
03. Ain't No Sunshine - DMX
04. Butterfly (Anaconda Remix) from Dance Dance Revolution
05. Love on the Rocks - Sara Bareilles
06. I Don't Care If The Sun Don't Shine - Dean Martin
07. Chains - The Beatles
08. I Love Rock and Roll - Joan Jett
09. Summer Wind - Michael Bolton
10. Tell Me Lies - Fleetwood Mac

“Sex” : 27
“Love” : 705
“You” : 728
“Death” : 3
“Hate” : 5
“Wish” : 13


Oh, wow. I'm a nerd. And yes, I do listen to Michael Bolton. :p
  • i love that you listen to phil collins and genesis...cause i thought i was the only one

    and the brotherly love theme song is SO RAD!
    • You aren't the only one! We become geekmates more and more each day I think.

      Also, HOLY CRAP. Someone who knows that theme song! I have the entire series downloaded. I loved that show.
      • my dad used to play me phil collins and genesis all the time growing up...i still can't listen to 'paradise' without tearing up haha

        oh yeah i was all about joey lawrence when I was a tween haha I need to download it now!

        haha we're total geekmates...i have been watching so much quantum leap lately wishing you were here haha
        • Another Day in Paradise is mine and my god brother's song!

          I was about Matthew Lawrence. Hee!

          I wish I was there too! <3<3
          • haha i fell for joey when he was on blossom haha

            i'm a big fan of 'i wish it would rain down' 'take me home' and 'do you remember' when i'm Phil-ing out haha

            • I only ever saw one episode of Blossum and it was the one where Joey's character kept getting secret admirer notes and he finds out it's from a boy. They treated that subject matter so well at such a time, I was impressed.

              Do You Remember, Something Happened on the Way to Heaven, and Separate Lives. (and Another Day in Paradise), yeh, my absolute faves. Oh, and Jesus He Knows Me. LOVE THAT SONG.
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