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Dance like it hurts.

I'm so bored with school. Why do I do this? How on earth did I get…

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mary todd lincoln in the house

My not-so-secret ambition is to conquer the world and enslave all humans. That, or open a bookshop and find a way to legally marry a fictional character.

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mary todd lincoln in the house
I'm so bored with school. Why do I do this? How on earth did I get as intelligent as I am with how lazy I am when it comes to schoolwork and an attempt at learning? Seriously, it's ridiculous. Why can't they just hand me my zoology degree as long as I promise to read up on mammal biology?

Today was one of those days at work that made me see the true, devastatingly evil nature of humanity. Some days I hate people.

And because that seems to be a seamless segue-way: I have developed two addictions within the past few days. One, to the Showtime program Dexter. I'm surprised it took me as long as it has to find out about this show. A) I've been fascinated by serial killers since I was 11. and B) This concept was exactly what I was trying to bring across in one of the screenplays I was working on - finding a way to empathize with a societal deemed monster because ironically his killing is cleaning the world. I'm so fucking weird.

The other addiction is currently to damned_ladies. You are made of awesome.

Plans this weekend for an immense amount of homework, and a rockin' free Beatles concert on Sunday. I am so excited. Also, KISS possibly coming in November. Dwight Yoakum at the Fresno Fair. Now all I need is to be offered a job in Australia and join a Blues Brothers cover band and life will be golden!
  • we are made from the same recipe of awsome

    yay for being a healthy addiction..i hope ;p

    and if you were offered a job in australia and joined a blues brothers cover band, I would not hate you, but hate that I wasn't with you

    and yes, we are both dexter addicts now, i often watch the opening theme over and over because its so fascinating...i didn't like michael c. hall in six feet under, but maybe just cause he was such a annoying homosexual haha I love in dexter how his eyes look at you with this hypnotic glare, like he's reading your brain....i want to meet him

    free Beatles concert! fuck you

    and I knew every single KISS song by the age of 8 as my brother was highly obsessed with them

    i met gene simmons and shannon tweed last year at a cafe in vancouver...i secretly watched them hoping they'd make out, then they noticed me and made me come over to their table and talk to them, when really all I wanted to do was be a creepy stalker
    • Re: we are made from the same recipe of awsome

      You are! so far. I haven't had any shakes or bad reactions when I go without you for more than a day. XD!

      Woman, you know you would be in that cover band with me, so don't even trip. ;D

      So after you wrote that I straight up youtubed the hot gay moments from SFU. I kind of have a little bit of a crush on Michael C Hall now. But I much prefer him as a sociopathic serial killer than a homosexual. Hahaha, there are homophobes out there that feel validated right now, but they shouldn't, I just have an unhealthy appreciation for serial killers.

      Seriously, each day it's more and more apparent that you and I are the same person. And I hate you for meeting them. You should come here for the concert. You know, for KISS, not for me or anything. ;D
      • Re: we are made from the same recipe of awsome

        haha you haven't gone a day without me yet..well not since we began our obsessive talking til 3am thing..so you never know!

        and i have connections in australia, so i could get you in

        i don't like uptight homosexuals...i wanted to just bedazzle the hell out of him

        we are the same person, i'm starting to right down all the facts to prove this...the fran = kat journal of facts

        if i wasn't in school, i'd be on that plane..but only if you'd dress up and do makeup to KISS and scream along the lyrics with me during the show

        although if i didn't have school...i'd be on a plane for you anyways
  • have always loved Dexter

    try Community. It has just begun, but if the rest of the season is as good as the pilot- yeayyy

    good luck with college. every day that i spend on campus, a bastard goes unharmed. *tear*
    oh, and in my JMC class we sometimes watch Sarah_Haskins. If you haven't seen any of her work- do so immediately.
    Try this:

    (it might be an ad student thing, but i'm pretty sure it's hilarious all on its own)

    p.s. You're awesome. Bio is ambitious.
    • I can't believe it took me as long as it did to find this show. Seriously, I have such an infatuation.

      I did! That was the most amazing pilot and I'm so glad I wasn't the only person who saw that! Joel McHale AND Chevy Chase? Too awesome for words.

      Okay, seriously? I want to marry her. Sarcasm and cynicism? Two of my favorite things!

      P.S. It is, but I like science more than I like people. Not really ambitious as anti-social. ;D
  • POKE!!!
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